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【Good News】 XJU’s One More Excellent Referee for International Sport Event


From March 21 to 24, the“Belt & Road and the Silk Road Journey”2024 China International Snow Volleyball Invitational Tournament was successfully held in Tianshan Heavenly Lake International Ski Resort,with 10 teams from France, Iran, Kazakhstan and China attending the competition.Complying with the requirements of the Asian Volleyball Federation, the Chinese Volleyball Association selected and appointed four teachers from Physical Education and Research Department of XJU to undertake the referee work for the event. Parhat Mamat was awarded the title of“Excellent Referee”of the event, and Zhu Shuai and Kang Qiyan were recommended by Xinjiang Volleyball Association to participate in the national light volleyball referee training and examination.

This invitational tournament is both the first“Belt and Road”high-level international event of snow volleyball held in China, and the first high-level international event of snow volleyball held in Asia.In the process of refereeing,the four teachers from XJU were widely commended for their expertise, contributing to the event the strength of Xinjiang University.(Source:Physical Education and Research Department;Translated by Yu Rui, School of Foreign Languages)