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【Good News】17 Courses Entering the List of Excellent Demonstration Courses for Graduate Students at Provincial Level


Recently, the Education Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region released the list of the first batch of “Excellent Demonstration Courses for Graduate Students”. 17 courses from XJU appearedon the list.

The 17 courses cover multiple disciplines, such as economics, literature, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and technology, geological resources and geological engineering, fully reflecting the achievements Xinjiang University has made in graduate education, teaching reform and curriculum construction.With solid disciplinary foundation, these course teams actively engaged in innovative practices in teaching materials, methods and approaches, providing graduate students with high-quality learning resources and favorable learning environment.

In recent years, by conscientiously implementing the fundamental task of cultivating talents by strengthening morality education and adhering to the talents cultivation for the Party and the country, Xinjiang University has made continuous efforts to improve the quality of graduate courses, and steadily furthered the reform and innovation of various graduate courses.Fully leveraging the leading role of excellent demonstration courses for graduate students,XJU will continue to incubate more high-quality demonstration courses, comprehensively improve the quality of graduate course construction, effectively enhance the quality of graduate courses, and cultivate more innovative and high-quality talents.(Source:The Graduate School Translated by Yu Rui, School of Foreign Languages)